College Code of Conduct Student Defense Advisor - Wyoming

College should be an exciting time in your life. You may be leaving home for the first time, taking new classes and discovering subjects you've never learned before, meeting new people, and participating in new activities. You may have a lot going on during your college years—and it's okay to stay busy. What's not ideal is getting into trouble with your school's disciplinary board because you fell behind or made a simple mistake.

Most colleges and universities in Wyoming have rules that students must follow, and if they don't, they can face consequences. It can be hard to know what's against the rules and what isn't, but your school should have resources to help you out. The code of conduct is a document that most colleges and universities have, and it outlines your rights and responsibilities as a student. It lists the behavior that will land you in trouble and the procedures for what happens if you're suspected of a behavior violation.

As a current or prospective student, you should find your school's code of conduct and familiarize yourself with it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, not knowing the rules is not a defense if you get accused of breaking them. It's your obligation as a student to know what is prohibited.

At Lento Law Firm, we want you to succeed as a college student and accomplish all your goals. That's why we made this guide to the disciplinary process at Wyoming colleges and universities, so you can prepare yourself.

Academic Misconduct, Sexual Misconduct, and General Disciplinary Charges at Wyoming Schools

Most codes of conduct split prohibited behavior into three categories: academic dishonesty, sexual misconduct, and general disciplinary violations. They may all be a single document, or your school could have separate policies for each one.

Academic Misconduct