What are the consequences of retaliation under a college sexual misconduct policy?

The consequences of retaliation under your college's sexual misconduct policy will vary by school. This is to be distinguished from retaliation as promulgated under the Title IX Final Rule, which went into effect August 14th, 2020. Because schools that are addressing campus sexual misconduct under their sexual misconduct policies and not under Title IX are free to address policies or institute policies at their discretion, they can also decide what would constitute retaliation and what potential consequences there would be for retaliation.

Retaliation, the consequences can vary. It would depend on the nature of the alleged retaliation and of course, if somebody is found responsible for that, but it can include anything that would entail, say, a typical sanction, be it a change of housing, change of class schedule, probation, suspension, expulsion. It would vary depending on the alleged act of retaliation, and ultimately, if a person is found responsible for that. It will depend on your given school. An experienced attorney advisor will allow you to best understand how to approach such a concern.