How do I appeal a Title IX case in Mississippi?

To best understand how to appeal a Title IX case in Mississippi, it's good to have a brief understanding of what Title IX is. Title IX is a federal civil rights law, it's intended in part to prevent and address campus sexual misconduct. At colleges and universities in Mississippi, if a party is seeking to appeal a finding and or sanction, be it the accused student, the accuser, because if their right is available to one party, it's available to both a professor, faculty member, athletic coach. The grounds for the particular school would have to be met, be it a failing on the school's part that led to the outcome, procedural error or defect that is, disproportionate sanction, new evidence. When appealing the case itself, because so much is at stake, one of the most important considerations is that a party in Mississippi have the help of an experienced attorney adviser when appealing a Title IX case.