Education Attorney-Advisor – Colorado Springs, CO

Parents in the Colorado Springs metropolitan area have great hope in what the area's schools can provide their student children. The region's K-12, post-secondary, and other educational institutions are tasked with preparing students through a list of examinations, group projects, and standardized tests, evaluating both academic and behavioral thresholds. If parents envision their children developing a business, onboarding at a top-notch company, or working toward a four-year degree, each begins by obtaining a valuable high school diploma. However, the move by schools nationwide to zero-tolerance disciplinary policies means that students risk becoming targets of stringent rules and burdensome school disciplinary personnel. Even if your hard-working student child is concentrating on their studies and planning to graduate, the trials of adolescence can present obstacles that impede their journey. For example, students can succumb to the following:

  • Damaged social and peer relationships
  • Emotional, mental, or physical health challenges
  • False misconduct accusations
  • Family emergencies
  • Pressure from extracurricular activities
  • Stress from schoolwork

There is a multitude of circumstances that may misdirect young students. Luckily, dedicated parents are always present to assist their children through challenges with positive-minded love and care. Parents may believe that school administrators and disciplinary officials will be as forgiving as they are, but it's a common misconception. Schools are obligated to maintain federal and state funding streams and wor