Title IX Attorney to File OCR Complaint in Kansas

College and university administrators take complaints of sexual misconduct seriously. They are required to comply with many federal guidelines or risk potentially losing their federal education funding. Title IX is a set of rules prohibiting discrimination. It requires schools to investigate, make rulings, and impose sanctions on violators. The sanctions imposed may include suspension or expulsion. Those accused and found to have violated the rules may consider filing a formal complaint with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) who may choose to review the matter as an independent third-party. Students facing difficult sanctions in these actions involving student discipline defense may find the help they need by contacting the Lento Law Firm.

School Investigations

A Title IX coordinator is typically designated at all colleges in Kansas. After receiving a serious complaint such as for sexual harassment or assault this administrative staff will begin their inquiry. The findings of their investigation are disclosed during a hearing and sanctions may be imposed. Those choosing to appeal the decision of the institution may do so by following the established grievance policy.

OCR Complaint Filing

If the student is unsuccessful in the appeals process they may consider consulting with an experienced attorney about filing an OCR complaint. Your attorney should have the knowledge to increase the likelihood that the OCR would consider reevaluating the matter based on the effectiveness of your written complaint.

Grounds for OCR's Dism