La Roche College Title IX Violations

La Roche College does not tolerate acts of sexual misconduct within its student body. The College holds a policy against sexual misconduct within its Student Handbook. The handbook contains information on what actions will constitute sexual misconduct, as well as what actions the College takes for administering disciplinary measures for students who have been alleged to violate the policy. The disciplinary process will mirror that used for incidents of standard misconduct, however, certain special measures may be taken due to the nature of these incidents.

La Roche College Sexual Misconduct Process

The process for investigating and resolving acts of sexual misconduct will begin once a student reports allegations to the College. The College will begin an investigation into the misconduct to gather the facts necessary for the student to be brought to a hearing. During the investigation, if it is deemed appropriate, the student may be subjected to certain interim measures. These can include changes to residence assignments, class schedule, or even a temporary suspension from College activity. Once the investigation has concluded, the Title IX Coordinator will convene a hearing board to make a decision on the sexual misconduct case.


Once an investigation has concluded and is set to go to a hearing, a hearing authority will be chosen. For more serious violations, the matter will be directed to a hearing board, the members of which will be chosen by the Title IX Coordinator. At a hearing, the student who files the complaint will be known as "the complainant," while the student facing charges will be known as the "student charged." Hearings will be