What should a student do if charged with an academic or code of conduct violation at a nursing school in Connecticut? VIDEO

Being accused of an academic dishonesty, integrity, or code of conduct violation at a nursing school in Connecticut can have serious consequences if found responsible. Suspension or dismissal are possible even for seemingly minor offenses. Nursing is a profession involving trust because it involves patients and access to prescription drugs. If found responsible, this can have a major potential impact on your ability to complete your nursing program and to become licensed.

Schools often seek to hold a student accountable with little or no evidence. Schools often do not follow their own policies which can lead to an unfair outcome. Without an attorney advisor to guide you through the process, you can be found responsible unfairly. If you are found responsible, even if you have the right to appeal a finding, appeal grounds can be limited and you do not want to find yourself at a disadvantage.

Common areas of concern include; is the school following its disciplinary policies and procedures? Were you properly notified of the charges? Did you have the opportunity to review the evidence? Did you have a meaningful discussion with your instructor? For example, were you accused of cheating using an online resource? Is there an alternative explanation for the alleged misconduct? Were the academic resources and accommodations as promised by the school provided?

How these questions are answered is critical to successfully defending against allegations. An experienced attorney advisor will be able to help you present the strongest possible defense