Can I appeal a campus verdict?

In almost all instances, a student who is found responsible for campus misconduct whether it involves Title IX sexual misconduct or an academic integrity or academic misconduct charge or a general disciplinary issue can appeal the school's decision. There are going to be some very limited exceptions to that, but in almost all instances a student is allowed an appeal right. In Title IX sexual misconduct cases if the appeal right is allowed to one party, it's allowed to both.

An appeal, there's generally limited basis. Most schools have a similar view of what would be allowed for purposes of appeal; a disproportionate sanction, procedural error or defect, new evidence. An experienced attorney advisor can help with the appeal process, whether it's appealing at Title IX case, appealing an academic misconduct case, or appealing a general disciplinary case, and should be involved preferably from the start of the process, but if an appeal is needed, they can definitely help at that stage also.