Rush Medical College

Rush Medical College - a part of Rush University in Illinois - first welcomed students in 1837, and, since then, has enjoyed a high ranking by most reports and medical magazines in the United States. Dr. Benjamin Rush, the man who lent his name to the school, signed the Declaration of Independence - and was the only trained physician to do so.

With that historic precedent setting the tone for all medical students who matriculate at Rush Medical College, it's easy to see why the school values its reputation and its standards. Those standards are stringent: In 2016, almost 11,000 students sought admission. Rush Medical College only accepted 138 medical students.

If you or a loved one is among those few, the pressure you experience is likely overwhelming. Rush Medical College exerts considerable pressure on each student to be a professional representative of the school as well as an ethical, experienced future physician. As this is the case, the school takes any lapses in professionalism a student may exhibit very seriously.

Medical school is competitive. The stakes are very high. If a medical student receives disciplinary action, undergoes remediation, or faces dismissal from their school, that jeopardizes their entire future. The best possible thing that a student in this difficult situation can do is to hire a legal advisor to assist them as they go through their school's disciplinary process.

Honor Codes and Professionalism at Rush Medical College

Rush Medical College upholds a longstanding Honor Code, as does the rest of Rush University. The Medical College-specific code contains the following language:

“I pledge that my academic, research, and/or clinical work will be of the highest integrity. I shall neither give nor receive unauthorized aid; I shall not represent the work of others as my own; I shall not engage in scientific misconduct; and I shall treat all persons with the greatest respect and dignity, just as the ethical codes of Rush University Medical Center and my future profession demand.”

The Honor Code goes on to specify that any violations of this Code may result in disciplinary action. As Rush Medical College is interested in training future doctors, any student that violates the professionalism, respect, dignity, and ethical clauses of the Code will be at risk of severe punishments.

Rush Medical College Remediation Procedures

While the standards and expectations of every student at Rush Medical College are high, the College does realize that the life of a medical student can be very difficult. In order to provide assistance for any student that has veered away from the straight and narrow, the College has established remediation programs and procedures to help a student get back on track.

If a student has experienced a course failure in their first or second year, they will receive the opportunity to complete remedial work. The type and amount of remedial work a student will complete will relate to the severity of the student's perceived deficiencies.

Some examples of requirements for remedial programs may include:

  • Retaking failed examinations
  • Retaking failed courses in a subsequent academic year
  • Retaking all courses, including those that a student may have achieved passing grades in

If a student successfully completes a remediation program, Rush Medical College will allow them to complete the remainder of their program. However, it's important to realize that - while a remediation program may strengthen a medical student's performance and secure their future - such a program can also provide additional stress and pressure that is not helpful for a student.

For example, if a student at Rush Medical College faces the necessity of redoing a large number of courses, their timeline towards becoming a doctor will extend. They may also face additional financial strain because of these remediations.

If you face required remediation that seems unduly harsh, seek help from an experienced medical student defense attorney. You may be able to take action to protect yourself from these types of consequences.

Dismissal at Rush Medical College

The Committee on Student Evaluation and Promotion curates a list of grounds for dismissal in its policies and procedures. The actions that qualify include:

  • Obstructing or disrupting any teaching, clinical, or research procedures at the University or Medical Center
  • Falsifying student or patient records
  • Theft from the University or Medical Center
  • Threatening any other person at the University or Medical Center, including patients, colleagues, or teachers
  • Unethical or unprofessional conduct, inconsistent with the accepted codes and practices of the profession that a student prepares to enter
  • Accusing another student, colleague, or faculty member of unprofessionalism or academic dishonesty in bad faith

Rush Medical College considers these and other actions as grounds for instant dismissal. This means that if you face charges for one of these actions, you might not receive the investigation you deserve. The College may not consider any explanation or nuance that you might have to share about what happened. This puts you at a considerable disadvantage - one that might affect your ability to practice medicine for your entire life.

Don't let that happen. Seek out an attorney-advisor ready to fight for your future as tirelessly as you will, yourself.

Medical School Attorney-Advisor Ready to Assist with Your Case

Rush Medical College, like all medical schools, has a reputation to protect. Unfortunately, this may translate to ruthless behavior on the school's part - particularly when it comes to cases of unprofessional behavior or misconduct.

If you or a loved one is a medical student facing disciplinary action at Rush Medical College, it's important that you know precisely how much is at stake. These procedures may affect your entire career - above and beyond any punitive measures that Rush Medical College may deem appropriate in your case.

When you're seeking to ensure that Rush Medical College upholds its own due process, you need to have knowledgeable expertise on your side. While a medical college disciplinary board is neither judge nor jury, having a legal advisor to help you avoid mistakes and present your case in the best possible way can make a world of difference.

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