My professor claims I violated test conditions, and now the school is sanctioning me. Can I do anything about this?

Yes, you can. You can prepare the necessary response in an SRE defense. If you're being accused of violating test standards, the question that has to be asked is did you, in fact, violate test standards, or is it a false allegation? Is there a misunderstanding as to what took place? Was it an online exam? There's an allegation of say you not be in compliance with the room conditions, the testing conditions that is or how you took the exam or you accused of say your eyes looking away from the computer screen and an allegation of you're doing something improper is now being made.

A violation of testing conditions can be various in scope in terms of what that allegation may entail and it's going to be a case in fact, specific in terms of whether or not the person actually did anything wrong. It is a serious allegation. The consequences can be potentially both short and long-term. Having an experienced attorney advisor will be your best ally to help you understand and navigate the process and to best respond to an allegation of being in violation of a exam or testing conditions.