University Discipline FAQs

Whether your case involves Title IX sexual misconduct, an allegation of academic misconduct or academic integrity, a code of conduct disciplinary charge, or any other issue that can potentially jeopardize your academic and professional goals, you must take the necessary steps both before engaging in any dialogue with the school or other parties, and as importantly, at every step of the way until the case is resolved. 

Fundamentally, you must understand: 1) what is at stake; 2) the process regarding how your case will be addressed and decided; and 3) that, although it is regrettable, you cannot depend on your school to recognize and protect your rights and interests.  Accordingly, you have to be proactive in understanding the path forward and also what steps need to be taken in an effort to ensure a fair process and a favorable outcome. 

With that in mind, the following links will take you to frequently asked questions which will help accused students and their parents through what can be the most challenging time in their lives.  Remember that you are not alone, and under no circumstances should you go it alone.

Attorney Joseph D. Lento has helped countless clients facing the same and similar concerns at more than a thousand colleges and universities across the United States and he can help you.  Contact the Lento Law Firm today for help at 888-535-3686.

University Discipline Frequently Asked Questions

Nationwide Student Discipline Defense

It is critical to understand that student discipline cases can be won, and that schools can be challenged if they are not recognizing your rights and interests. 

This is only accomplished, however, by having a calculated approach, an effective strategy, and by mounting the strongest possible defense, and attorney Joseph D. Lento has fought to ensure a fair process and a favorable outcome on behalf of countless students and others in academia who are facing issues that put their academic and professional goals at risk at colleges and universities nationwide

Contact the Lento Law Firm today for help at 888-535-3686.