Sexual Misconduct and Title IX - University of Wisconsin-Madison

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the safety of every member of its academic community is paramount. The University has taken lots of precautions to protect every student from harm. Its goal is to create an educational environment that promotes the quality of life for everyone.

As such, the University has measures in place to maintain a community free from sexual violence and harassment. Recent changes to Title IX on a federal level have influenced how the University of Wisconsin-Madison does so. Still, the administration remains committed to investigating all allegations of sexual misconduct in an effort to keep students safe.

If your student learns that they face accusations of sexual misconduct, they need to be prepared for such an investigation. As the University of Wisconsin-Madison analyzes the evidence against your student and prepares to mete out disciplinary measures, the University needs to remain accountable to your child's rights.

Unfortunately, it might fall to you to make sure that happens.

With a competent, savvy legal team at your side, you can take proactive actions now to protect your child's rights during a sexual misconduct investigation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Doing so is the best way to protect your child's bright future from fading because of past indiscretions.

University of Wisconsin-Madison's Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policies

Prohibited conduct at the University of Wisconsin-Madison includes the following actions, according to the