Student Defense at Trinity School of Medicine

The Trinity School of Medicine (TSOM) is an international medical school stationed on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent. Students who attend TSOM complete the first half of their medical education at the St. Vincent campus, then proceed to U.S. hospitals for two more years of clinical training.

That is unless academic issues or alleged misconduct prevent you from graduating.

As a student at TSOM, you may have been unable to gain admittance to a U.S.-based medical school or you may have sought the specific opportunities TSOM provides. Regardless of why you choose TSOM, it is fundamentally important that you complete both the two years of study in St. Vincent and your two-year clerkship in the U.S. with an unblemished record. An issue with either academic performance, alleged unprofessionalism, or unethical conduct could weaken your chances of acceptance into a residency program.

Attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento defends medical students facing academic challenges, remediation, and sanctions day in and day out. He will provide a comprehensive defense and pursue the best possible outcome for you.

Academic and Professional Standards at TSOM

The Trinity School of Medicine (also known as Trinity Medical Sciences University) holds students to the standards of its mission statement:

“Trinity Medical Sciences University is a community of professionals committed to excellence in education, research and scholarly activity, patient care and well-being, and community service.”

Per the 2021 TSOM Catalog, the university's core values include integrity, respect and honesty, competence, and compassion. When students fail to honor these values, then they may violate the academic and professional standards of Trinity School of Medicine.

Possible consequences for academic failures and allegations of wrongdoing include, but are not limited to, remediation and expulsion.


Trinity School of Medicine embraces a “gradual immersion into the rigors of medical education” for its students. The university generally allows students to “decelerate” the pace of their education and remediate (retake) courses when they fail or withdraw.

While it may be a comfort to know that TSOM allows you to remediate failed courses, remediation is costly ($7,300 per term). Furthermore, remediation is a signal to residency programs and prospective employers that you failed.

There may be one or more options, including a petition for a grade change, that could help you avoid remediation. TSOM literature states that “A student has the right to appeal a course grade...within two weeks of the finalization of grades.”

Note that remediation is akin to a “last chance” at Trinity School of Medicine. If you fail your second attempt at a course or examination, then you could be dismissed from the university. Therefore, you should generally avoid remediation unless it is the only option for continuing your education.


As previously stated, repeated academic underperformance may lead to your dismissal from Trinity School of Medicine. Failing certain courses and examinations may automatically trigger a recommendation for your dismissal.

Alleged misconduct could also expose you to expulsion. Improper treatment of patients or colleagues, academic dishonesty, or non-academic violations of the student code may all result in dismissal.

Dismissal from TSOM could:

  • Leave you with debt that you are unable to pay off (the TSOM Catalog states that dismissed students “will not be eligible for a refund of tuition or fees”)
  • Cause other medical programs to decline your application
  • Prevent you from graduating with a medical degree
  • End of your aspirations to become a medical professional

An attorney-advisor will familiarize themselves with your case, as well as TSOM's process for handling conduct-related cases. Though university literature does not emphasize procedures for misconduct cases, you are entitled to due process. Attorney Joseph D. Lento will ensure the preservation of your rights.


As a student at Trinity School of Medicine, you generally have a right to appeal university rulings (though there are certain exceptions). In general, you may be able to appeal:

  • A course or examination grade
  • An order of remediation
  • An order of dismissal
  • Sanctions related to alleged academic misconduct
  • Sanctions related to alleged non-academic misconduct

TSOM's procedures for adjudicating and appealing conduct-related decisions are not entirely clear. This ambiguity makes it even more important that you retain competent representation.

Your attorney-advisor will gather essential information about TSOM's handling of your case. You may face a hearing, at which time your attorney-advisor may act on your behalf.

Your advisor will also determine what appeal options are available to you. They will honor filing deadlines and complete the entire appeals process for you.

The Value of Hiring an Attorney-Advisor

Medical schools in the Caribbean can be inconsistent in their practices. Critics lament a lack of consistency in both grading practices and disciplinary measures. While Trinity School of Medicine provides significant literature about its academic policies, there remains some uncertainty about the way it handles disciplinary matters, especially to medical students who have never faced such high-stakes proceedings.

Even if you did have full information about the disciplinary procedures that lie ahead of you, it is wise to hire an attorney-advisor for your case. You have likely accrued significant debt to attend TSOM, in addition to making other sacrifices on your journey to become a doctor, and your future as a medical professional may be at risk.

Attorney Joseph D. Lento will act with the necessary urgency to clear your name, help you best address the prospect of remediation when necessary, and help you fight potential adverse consequences not appropriate to the circumstances. You may face one or more deadlines, and the window to prepare for your case may be closing. Regardless of what stage you are in the administrative or disciplinary process, expert help as soon as possible will help best position you to ensure a fair process and the best possible outcome.

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