Facing Dismissal from the California Institute of Technology

You already know CalTech is an amazing school. It's why you decided to apply in the first place. You know that a diploma from here will virtually guarantee you a successful career.

Getting that diploma, though, is going to take some real effort. It's not just about academic excellence, though that's a crucial component. It's about maintaining the very highest standards of academic and personal conduct both on and off campus.

There are lots of reasons CalTech can dismiss you before you finish your degree. You'll find information about most of them below. Before you read any further, though, you need to know now, right at the start, that if you're facing dismissal for any reason, Joseph D. Lento and his Education Law Team are here to help. Joseph D. Lento is a National Student Defense attorney-advisor who's devoted his career to helping college and university students defend their rights and salvage their futures. If you're facing dismissal, or if you've already been dismissed, you owe it to yourself to find out what Joseph D. Lento can do for you.

Reasons for Dismissal at CalTech

Let's start with the basics: there are essentially four reasons why CalTech might try to dismiss you: poor academic performance, violating the rules of academic integrity, committing disciplinary misconduct, and committing sexual misconduct.

  • Academic Performance: Job one as a CalTech student is to succeed in your coursework. No one wants to hire an engineer who couldn't pass their classes. As a result, the school maintains a strict set of “scholast