Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Violations at Florida Southwest University

When you start college, you never expect to find yourself fighting to stay before you graduate. But if you are accused of a Title IX violation or another act of sexual misconduct, you run the risk of being expelled, removed from your dormitory, or placed on probation. This experience can be overwhelming and confusing. Who can you turn to for help? What steps do you take next? Attorney-advisors, like those at Lento Law Firm, work meticulously to protect accused students from preventable sanctions. They will gather relevant evidence, interview witnesses, and create a strategic defense that will not only guarantee the best possible outcome for your case but ensure the administration upholds your due process rights. Call Lento Law Firm today.

What Is Title IX?

Title IX is a federal regulation that requires all federally funded colleges and universities to maintain certain standards when managing sexual discrimination and sexual violence accusations on their campus. These requirements include:

  • Clear and immediate procedures for sexual misconduct allegations
  • Designated personnel to handle instances of sexual violence
  • In Title IX hearings, the standard of evidence should be “more likely than not” or “preponderance of evidence”
  • Both parties involved should have access to the same procedures – advisors, appeals, and presentation of the evidence
  • Retaliation protection

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