Facing Dismissal From Washington University, St. Louis

You're smart; you're hard-working; you're disciplined. Otherwise, you wouldn't have made it into Washington University, St. Louis, in the first place. College isn't the same as high school, though, and while you may have demonstrated your prowess as a WUSTL applicant, you still have a lot to prove as a WUSTL student. The fact is Washington University is a tough school. It has high expectations when it comes to academics and high expectations when it comes to integrity, and personal behavior. In fact, each year, the school dismisses dozens of students.

Generally speaking, there are four reasons why Washington University might try to dismiss you: poor academic performance, academic misconduct, disciplinary misconduct, and sexual misconduct. You'll find out about all four of these below. Whatever type of dismissal you're facing, though, you're going to need help. As bright and capable as you may be, it's never a good idea to try and take on your university by yourself. So, you'll find information about doing that below as well.

Academic Performance Issues

Your first obligation as a student is to learn, and Washington University has an academic standing policy in place to make sure you do just that. For example, all students must maintain a 2.0 term and cumulative GPA in order to remain in “good” academic standing. In addition, you must complete at least 12 hours each term. Failure to meet these standards means Academic Probation. Continued failure to meet standards can mean dismissal.

There are no obvious means of defending yourself from this type of dismissal. However, there are some useful strategies that can help you avoid it. For example, you may be able to get additional probat