Alaska Title IX Appeal Advisor

Federal law Title IX prohibits gender-based discrimination in educational programs and activities that receive federal funding. This legislation has been implemented and enforced in most of the schools in Alaska, including the state's colleges and universities. Widely known for its effect on collegiate sports, this law intends to ensure that all students, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity, receive equal access to education. In recent times, the law has been ousted into the national spotlight for its applicability in sexual misconduct cases.

Title IX forbids sexual harassment, sexual assault, and other discriminatory actions on college campuses. When a school receives a complaint consisting of sexual misconduct, this law requires the institution to take immediate action for resolution. If a student is found “responsible” for violating school policy, he or she has the right to appeal this decision and/or sanction, especially in cases where there's an argument that a finding may have been unfair.

Your Right to Appeal

The right to appeal is an important option for student respondents. If they feel dissatisfied with their case outcome and contend that a decision was unfair or unfounded, they should take advantage of this right. Much like the criminal justice system, the appellate process is intended to keep school authorities accountable for their decisions. Title IX findings are notorious for carrying harsh sanctions, like suspension and expulsion. An unfair finding can expose innocent students to these serious repercussions, which can seriously impair their academic and professional goals. This is why it's important to appeal to ensure, as