Facing Dismissal From Johns Hopkins University

If you haven't found out already, you soon will: colleges and universities take academics and student discipline extremely seriously these days. Every school knows that it's just one CNN story away from having its reputation ruined by a cheating scandal or an allegation of sexual misconduct.

Johns Hopkins has a more prestigious reputation than most. That means it has more to lose than the average school, which ultimately means that it can sometimes be ruthless in how it deals with students. Make no mistake: you're getting a top-notch education. Step out of line, though, or make a mistake, and you could easily find yourself dismissed.

What can get you dismissed, and how do you go about fighting it? We'll get into all of that. Right up front, though, you need to know that you don't have to take on that fight alone. Whatever issue you might be facing, National Student Defense attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento is on your side. He knows what you're up against, and he has the knowledge and experience to help you defend yourself.

Reasons for Dismissal

There's a lot that can go wrong during the four to five years you spend at college. Johns Hopkins will hold you accountable in four specific areas:

  • Academic Performance: First and foremost, JHU expects you to excel as a student. In concrete terms, that means you must complete at least 12 hours of course credit each semester. Failed classes and withdrawals don't count toward this tota