Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

Founded in 2008 on Long Island, the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell now has more than 400 students and a faculty of more than 3000 professionals. The Administrative Policy on Professional Behavior states that institutional leadership is committed to developing a collaborative environment that is focused on teamwork and professionalism. Students will develop the skills to deliver excellent patient care and demonstrate high levels of integrity that conform to the standards of the medical profession.

Medical schools maintain high ideals for their students in overall academic attainment, professionalism, and integrity. Students that are in remediation because they are struggling to maintain proficiency or those facing disciplinary actions for misconduct have too much at stake. In these circumstances, students should talk to their families and promptly retain an attorney-adviser that will lend support and guidance. This proactive response may result in minimizing harsh sanctions and other long-term consequences.

Examples of Lacking Professionalism

  • Failing to adhere to best practices for maintaining patient confidentiality
  • Inadequately making improvements after receiving evaluations and feedback
  • Usage of language or expressions that appear disparaging or discourteous

The policies related to professional behavior are supplemented by the Code of Ethical Conduct. Alleged violations of professional conduct are quickly investigated and appropriate corrective actions are taken. The Student Advancement and Student Disciplinary Committees are responsible for evaluating disciplinary concerns and making recommendations to the vice dean if serious sanctions are appropriate.


Students that are dismissed from the institution can appeal the ruling. The administration will determine the prohibitions that will exist during the interim period of the appeals process. The student transcript will contain information that indicates dismissal.


All students are expected to complete the MD degree program within six years. For promotion and graduation, the students must demonstrate excellent academic performance, adhere to technical standards, and complete all necessary certifications. Students that are the subject of adverse academic action are always promptly notified in writing and afforded five days before meeting with the appropriate administrator. When remediation efforts are unsuccessful, the Vice Dean is responsible for deciding whether the student should remain in the program.

Advisory Lawyer Provides Representation for Medical School Students

A critical societal goal is to have the highest-quality future physician workforce that demonstrates high standards for professionalism and integrity. Medical school students whose academic performance is failing to meet requirements may be facing remediation. Students that are the subject of disciplinary proceedings for conduct unbecoming of the medical profession may face harsh sanctions including suspension or expulsion. Students with records or transcripts indicating remedial or disciplinary interventions face possible limitations in residency programs, employment possibilities, and reduced earning potential.

Medical school students that are facing suspension, dismissal or other adverse consequences that can suddenly hinder their future must take decisive action. Retaining an experienced attorney-adviser will ensure that the school's procedures and processes are interpreted, that the student's right to due process is protected, and that a positive resolution is aggressively pursued. Contact attorney Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm at (888) 535-3686 today for assistance.

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