Student Defense Advisor – Madison, WI

No matter where in Madison your student goes to school, whether they're in kindergarten or graduate school, they need to be aware that unsupported sanctions (and frustrating consequences for students' futures) are on the rise.

Schools in Madison, Wisconsin, are taking an increasingly harsh stance against actions such as cheating, plagiarism, behavioral issues, and even “failure to progress” allegations. If your student has been involved in any type of academic infraction, from hazing to classroom disruption to perceived violence, your school could recommend a sanction that could disrupt your student's entire future.

If your school is seeking unfair suspension or expulsion for your child, you need to have experienced education defense advisor Joseph D. Lento on your side. For years, Joseph D. Lento has helped hundreds of students nationwide work towards favorable results after stressful, unsupported allegations of misconduct from their schools.

You and your family shouldn't have to navigate confusing, complex school codes of conduct and disciplinary procedures on your own — or resign yourself to the thought that your investment in your student's education and future is gone with one notice of misconduct. Instead, reach out to premier education and discipline defense advisor Joseph D. Lento and the Student Defense Team at the Lento Law Firm today.

Education Defense in the Madison, WI Metropolitan Area

Madison, WI, is a beautiful place to live. As the second-largest city in Wisconsin, it's got plenty of amenities to enjoy and communities to get to know — but, since it isn't the state's largest city, it has more of a friendly town feel than a bigger metro area.

Madison is home to a fast