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Attorney Joseph D. Lento has helped countless students at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional level, and also professors and others in academia, through their most difficult times in life at more than a thousand colleges and universities across the United States.  He has represented countless clients at colleges and universities across all corners of the United States - in Alaska, California, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Texas, and so forth - and he has also represented many clients who are studying or teaching abroad - for example, in Asia, Europe, the Mideast, and the Caribbean.

Joseph D. Lento is one of the most experienced attorneys in the nation in cases involving Title IX and other school-related concerns affecting undergraduate, graduate, and professional students and also college and university professors and employees.  Across the nation, he has represented countless clients in higher education and academia for education-law related matters including all aspects of Title IX law such as sexual misconduct allegations and charges, discrimination under Title IX, and related concerns; academic misconduct; academic issues; appeals of actions taken by colleges and universities; and college and university discrimination and employment-related concerns.  Understanding that students' and others' academic and professional lives are on the line, Joseph D. Lento established a nationwide practice to address school-related injustice, and through more than a decade of hard-fought battles on behalf of his clients, he is preeminent in the field.

Having the requisite experience and resources to effectively and successfully represent students, professors, and others in academia, whether locally, nationally, and even internationally, is one of many strengths that Joseph D. Lento brings to the table and which allows his clients the best prospect of success.

Joseph D. Lento takes his clients' concerns personally, he fights until the final bell in an effort to ensure a fair process and a favorable outcome, and he has won countless students' cases across the nation - cases which are often legally complex and emotionally involved.  His focus includes, but is not limited to, representing clients in such matters as:

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