Oregon Title IX Appeal Advisor

Students accused of sexual misconduct—including sexual harassment or sexual assault—on a college or university campus in Oregon can expect the federal civil rights law Title IX to become implicated in their case. This is because Title IX, which applies to any school in Oregon that accepts federal funding, guarantees equal access to higher education regardless of one's gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation. In practice, this pressures schools into speedy and rigorous determinations of guilt in sexual misconduct cases.

If you are the one being accused, this pressure can make it seem like your school is trying to find you guilty, and makes the ability to appeal the outcome of your Title IX case crucial.

Appealing Title IX Cases in Oregon

If you have been found in violation of Title IX's prohibition against sexual misconduct on campus, you have a right to appeal the determination, the sanction, or both. Utilizing this chance to defend yourself against the allegations can be crucial if you want to protect your academic integrity and professional future.

The Four Grounds for Appealing a Title IX Case

However, appealing a Title IX case is not something that can always happen. Instead, there are generally four accepted grounds for an appeal:

  • There is new evidence in your case. If new evidence concerning your case has come to light that could not have been found, earlier, then it can be the basis for an appeal of the outcome of your Title IX case.
  • There were significant procedural mistakes. Colleges and universiti