What should a student do if charged with an academic or code of conduct violation at a nursing school in Delaware? VIDEO

Being accused of an academic dishonesty, integrity, or code of conduct violation at a nursing school in Delaware can have serious consequences if found responsible. Suspension or dismissal are possible even for seemingly minor offenses. Nursing is a profession of having trust because it involves patients and access to prescription drugs. If found responsible, this can have a major potential impact on your ability to complete your nursing program and to become licensed.

Schools often seek to hold a student accountable with little or no evidence. Schools often do not follow their own policies which can lead to an unfair outcome. Without an attorney advisor to guide you through the process, you could be found responsible unfairly. If you are found responsible, even if you have the right to appeal a finding, appeal grounds can be limited, and you do not want to find yourself at a disadvantage.

Common areas of concern include, is the school following its disciplinary policies and procedures? Were you properly notified of the charges? Did you have the opportunity to review the evidence? Did you have a meaningful discussion with your instructor? For example, were you accused of cheating using an online resource? Is there an alternative explanation for the alleged misconduct? Were the academic resources and accommodations, as promised by the school, provided?

How these questions are answered is critical to successfully defending against allegations. An experienced attorney advisor will help you present the strongest possible defense to the charges of misconduct and they should be involved as early as possible in the case. Even if the allegations are true, an attorney advisor can help resolve the matter and can help in seeking the least possible sanctions.

Delaware nursing schools where Joseph D. Lento can help as your or your nursing student's academic misconduct or code of conduct advisor during investigations, hearings, and appeals include, but are not limited to, the following schools:


  • Dawn Career Institute
  • Delaware Skills Center
  • Delaware Technical Community College - Stanton / Wilmington
  • Leads School of Technology
  • University of Delaware
  • Wilmington University

Other Delaware cities

  • Delaware State University
  • Delaware Technical Community College - Dover
  • Delaware Technical Community College - Georgetown
  • Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing at Beebe Healthcare
  • Polytech Adult Education
  • Wesley College

Nursing is a noble calling – one built on care and trust – and nursing students at schools in Delaware have worked hard and invested much to achieve their goals.   Whether a nursing student is studying to become an LPN, a registered nurse, a nurse practitioner, or a nurse anesthetist, everything is at stake when accused of academic misconduct or a code of conduct violation.  Future educational and employment opportunities, clinical placements, and professional licensing are all at risk.  Nursing students need to take allegations seriously, regardless of their merits.

Nursing schools can often be in a rush to judgment with no regard for a nursing student's rights and interests, and you must have professional assistance to work towards a fair process and favorable outcome.   Nursing students facing disciplinary proceedings at their school need someone in their corner who is solely dedicated to their cause, and attorney Joseph D. Lento has helped hundreds of nursing students in Delaware and across the nation protect their good name and academic and professional goals. 

Joseph Lento and the Lento Law Firm fight nationwide on behalf of their nursing student clients and they have unparalleled experience and success in resolving nursing school issues and concerns.  Joseph Lento is a licensed attorney in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, is admitted as an attorney pro hac vice in state and federal court if needed when representing clients nationwide, and he serves as an advisor for nursing students facing school disciplinary proceedings in Delaware and throughout the nation. Make certain your or your nursing student's interests are protected during the nursing school disciplinary process - Contact National Nursing Student Defense Attorney Joseph D. Lento today at 888-535-3686.