When responding to sexual harassment, what are a college's or university's obligations under the Title IX Final Rule?

The college or university has various obligations when responding to an allegation of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct under the Title IX Final Rule.

In short, a college or university is required to provide supportive measures that a complainant is required to refrain from disciplining a respondent without following a Title IX grievance process, which would include an investigation. A school is also required to provide clear definitions, so that a student or employee would understand how the process would work to address the sexual harassment. It would also have to treat both parties fairly, while also providing, say, a support to the alleged victim.

If you're facing a Title IX case or a sexual misconduct concern, having an experienced attorney advisor can help you navigate the process, and can help you work towards trying to ensure a fair process and a favorable outcome. They should be involved from as early as possible in the case.