Where We Can Help - Idaho Colleges and Universities

If you're an Idaho college student (or the parent of one), you've got a lot going on. Whether you're in your first or fourth year, your plate is full: You've got friends to make, classes to take, exams to ace, and a future to get ready for.

In short, while college is a fun and full time in your life, you're not really open to surprises. (Or, if you are, you certainly don't have any room for unpleasant ones.) Especially if one day your school decides to slap you with a sanction that could endanger your college career, your sought-after degree, and even your reputation long-term.

While you might think that you're probably not in danger of that ever happening, it may be time to think again. Every college student is just one mistake, misunderstanding, or miscommunication away from an allegation of misconduct that could change their lives forever. Worse, you don't even have to do anything, sometimes, to receive an allegation of prohibited behavior — or to have your educator express concerns about your performance in school.

Even if they're wholly unwarranted, allegations of misconduct or failure to progress academically can be a dramatic issue in a student's life. In the matter of just a few surprising, stressful emails, you could go from focusing on:

  • New friends
  • Figuring out who you are
  • Taking interesting courses
  • Deciding what you want to do with your life
  • Working towards your degree
  • …to hoping that you don't get kicked out of school

The laundry list of prohibited behaviors you need to remember can vary and even change, making your situation even more confusing. Fortunately, whether you're dealing with academic failure to progress scenarios to code of conduct issues, tense negotiations, reputation repair, you don't need to handle the processes before you alone. In fact, you shouldn't. The Lento Law Firm is here to u