Edinboro University Title IX Violations

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania treats violations of its sexual misconduct policy very seriously. Much like standard behavioral violations, sexual misconduct allegations will be adjudicated through the University's Judicial Affairs Office. Sexual misconduct violations go through the following process, which is somewhat similar as that for standard student misconduct violations, with certain differences in manner of investigation and adjudication.

Disciplinary Proceedings

The process begins when a report of sexual misconduct is filed with office of the Title IX Coordinator. The person who initiates the report will be known as the "complainant," while the student facing allegations will be known as the "respondent." The investigation will be done by a designated individual chosen by the Vice President of Student Affairs. Respondents may find themselves facing certain interim measures, such as temporary relocation, suspension, or prohibition from interacting with the complainant. After the investigation phase has concluded, there will be a hearing held to determine responsibility.


Hearings are held by the University Judicial Board. The process begins with the chairperson of the board opening the hearing. The chairperson will allow the respondent a chance to acknowledge the violations they are facing. Any violations not acknowledged at this time will undergo the hearing procedures. The complainant will then present their case and supporting witnesses. The respondent can question the witnesses, however, no direct questioning of complainant will be allowed. The Judicial Board will also conduct questioning at this stage. Following th