Student Defense Advisor – El Paso, Texas

Students face challenges all the time in school. Many schools require their students to meet high standards and fail to provide them with the tools to meet those standards. When this happens, even the most well-intentioned student may begin behaving differently, and schools are quick to punish such students. Unfortunately, many schools do not consider the student's background or life experiences before laying blame. Instead, they see a violation and punish without doing any due diligence into the conduct.

Punishments can range from anything like a verbal warning to full expulsion from the school. Whether your student is a kindergartener or college freshman, they deserve to be represented by an experienced attorney-advisor who can guarantee the best possible outcome for this conduct code violation accusation. Attorney Joseph D. Lento and Lento Law Firm will help ensure your child's school upholds its right to due process and does not set out to unnecessarily punish your child. Call our offices today.

El Paso Metro Area

The El Paso metropolitan area is the sixth largest city in Texas and is made up of several neighborhoods, including:

  • Angel's Triangle
  • Chihuahuita
  • Downtown El Paso
  • Duranguito
  • El Segundo Barrio
  • Kern Place
  • Mesquite Hills
  • Mountain View