College Sexual Misconduct Advisor - Wisconsin

College is more than just an educational milestone; it is a student's first step towards the social responsibilities of adulthood. With the increase in freedom comes a greater degree of responsibility, and students constantly shift and refine their conduct and boundaries to accommodate them. Yet despite the best intentions of some students, a time may come when they face sexual assault charges. These charges come with significant drawbacks, affecting the student's life and self-esteem for years afterward.

Numerous benign interactions or even verbal exchanges may lead to a college sexual assault charge in Wisconsin. Whether it was a lapse in judgment or a genuine mistake, the investigation process remains the same. In the initial phases of the process, even an innocent defendant may receive harsh treatment and face suspicion due to allegations, especially if there is no oversight to make certain it is a fair process.

There is no guarantee that the university's investigation process is free of bias. Due to the numerous negative scenarios result from mere suspicion, the accused is at a disadvantage even before the investigative process begins. To protect your rights and make sure that you don't receive unfair treatment, you need a strong attorney-advisor like Joseph D. Lento.

The Impact of a Sexual Assault Charge at College

Sexual assault is a crime that has severe and long-term impacts on victims, and they rightfully deserve proper protection and a fair investigation process. Concurrently, when the accused a student faces a misconduct charge, they have a lot to lose, and it's more than just their reputation. Sexual assault charges also come with the suspension of their degree, expulsion, and in some cases, a lack of professional opportunities in the future.

One of the hardest-hitting impacts is the damage this type of charge has on a student's interpersonal relationships. Whether it's with peers, friends, professors, or even family members, the label of a sexual offender is hard to shake and stigmatizes the student for year