Alaska Title IX Advisor for International Students

Students from far and wide move to the United States every year to seize the opportunities the country's colleges and universities present. Thousands of these students from other countries, known as international students, move to Alaska to attend schools like The University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of Alaska Anchorage, Eastern Alaska Pacific University, and other state prestigious higher education institutions to earn a college degree and commence their careers. In turn, these students better Alaska campuses by diversifying them and lending their talents, brain power, and unique perspective to improve these academic environments.

Title IX is a federal law that applies to all college students and regulates how schools adjudicate cases involving sexual misconduct. If an international student is involved in a case of sexual misconduct, whether they are an accuser, known as a “complainant,” or the accused, referred to as a “respondent,” they are expected to comply with this law. But unfortunately, there are certain aspects of this law and its enforcement that tend to leave international students vulnerable.

Sexual misconduct allegations can lead to serious consequences for any student under Title IX. However, international students must be aware of how this law specifically and uniquely impacts them.

Understanding Title IX

Discrimination of any form is strictly forbidden on college campuses under federal law. Students are protected from gender-based discrimination, in particular, in accordance with Title IX of the Education Amendments. Title IX covers all students, regardless of their citizen status, national origin, or immigration status.