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Parents of students in the Dallas metropolitan area place their trust in the region's diverse education programs to prepare their children to start a career, continue their education, or become a teacher themselves. With a diploma or degree from one of the hundreds of K-12 institutions, colleges or universities, or other educational programs in the area, they're well on their way toward triumph. Schools challenge and hone a student's skills through academic rigors, character assessments, and experience-based projects that support an educational institution's core values to deliver a generation of virtuous citizens.

Even though students have optimistic prospects, the growing pains of teenage and young adult life can cause diligent individuals to misstep when the stress from academic coursework and extracurricular activities affects judgment. Unfortunately, mercifulness is not often a characteristic of school disciplinary boards. Even students of good character can land themselves in front of demanding administration officials.

When a school unfairly pursues sanctions for your student child, it's important to recognize that you can retain professional assistance and ensure a skilled student defense advisor safeguards their academic future. Joseph D. Lento has fought for the rights of hundreds of students across the U.S. against school disciplinary boards that seek only to protect the institution's pristine reputation. He and his team at the Lento Law Firm understand the delicate underpinnings of a solid school discipline defense strategy based on their compassion for students threatened by alleged misconduct.

Make the first move today by contacting student defense advisor Joseph D. Lento to defend you or your student child. Don't let unfair and unjustified allegations damage your path toward education.

Dallas Metropolitan Area

As one of the largest metropolitan areas in the U.S., the cities of Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington combine to create the economic and cultural hub of northern Texas. The business-savvy center of the Lone Star State may entice powerful attorneys arguing criminal cases, but few have the poise to broker positive results with a school's Office of General Counsel (OGC) for their student client.

Student defense advisor Joseph D. Lento is no stranger to the Dallas metropolitan area and its suburbs, including:

  • Allen
  • Carrollton
  • Denton
  • Frisco
  • Garland
  • Grand Prairie
  • Irving
  • Lewisville
  • McKinney
  • Mesquite
  • Plano
  • Richardson

You can expect the Lento Law Firm to represent and advocate for you or your child effectively. Whether your high school son or daughter faces dismissal or you're a medical student troubled with remediation obligations, student defense advisor Joseph D. Lento can help you.

Dallas Metropolitan Area Student Concerns

Students attending one of the hundreds of schools and educational programs in the Dallas metropolitan area can encounter unique situations during their learning careers. Teenagers and young adults must navigate the obstacles of proving academic performance, maintaining peer relationships, and gaining the trust of teachers and school personnel. Still, they face impediments unbeknownst to them and their parents.

Instructors, coaches, or school officials may expect inconsistent standards—academic, behavioral, cultural, or otherwise—leaving students to grasp how to remain in good standing with the school administration. Likewise, the numerous federal funding mechanisms flooding schools usually mean differing or supplementary guidelines for remedial action submerged in incomprehensible legal linguistics. Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm's student defense team are prepared to address the worries of Dallas metropolitan students, so they aren't exploited by their abilities, circumstances, or resources.

Dallas Metropolitan Area Schools

Irrespective of your grade, program level, degree concentration, or location in the Dallas metropolitan area, Joseph D. Lento is available. For example, the Lento Law Firm works with clients from:

  • Paul Quinn College
  • Southern Methodist University
  • Texas A&M University system
  • Texas Christian University
  • Texas Wesleyan University
  • Texas Woman's University
  • University of Dallas
  • University of North Texas system
  • University of Texas system

Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm's student defense team are also available to provide a defense to students in graduate, professional, religious, technical, military, and specialty programs across the Dallas metropolitan area, including:

  • Amberton University
  • Art Institute of Dallas
  • Arlington Baptist University
  • Collin College
  • Criswell College
  • Dallas Baptist University
  • Dallas Christian College
  • Dallas International University
  • Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Northwood University
  • Parker University
  • Southwestern Adventist University
  • Southwestern Assemblies of God University
  • Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Southwestern Christian College
  • Texas A&M University College of Dentistry
  • Texas A&M University School of Law
  • Texas State Technical College North Texas
  • Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at Dallas
  • University of North Texas at Dallas College of Law
  • University of North Texas Health Science Center
  • University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  • Wade College

Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm's student defense team are available to effectively represent students in K-12 programs in public school districts across the Dallas metropolitan area, including:

  • Allen Independent School District
  • Arlington Independent School District
  • Birdville Independent School District
  • Burleson Independent School District
  • Carroll Independent School District
  • Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District
  • Castleberry Independent School District
  • Cedar Hill Independent School District
  • Cleburne Independent School District
  • Coppell Independent School District
  • Corsicana Independent School District
  • Dallas Independent School District
  • Denison Independent School District
  • Denton Independent School District
  • Duncanville Independent School District
  • Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District
  • Fort Worth Independent School District
  • Frisco Independent School District
  • Garland Independent School District
  • Grand Prairie Independent School District
  • Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District
  • Highland Park Independent School District
  • Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District
  • Irving Independent School District
  • Keller Independent School District
  • Kaufman Independent School District
  • Lake Dallas Independent School District
  • Lake Worth Independent School District
  • Lancaster Independent School District
  • Lewisville Independent School District
  • Mansfield Independent School District
  • McKinney Independent School District
  • Mesquite Independent School District
  • Northwest Independent School District
  • Plano Independent School District
  • Richardson Independent School District
  • Rockwall Independent School District

Students in private elementary and secondary schools across the Dallas metropolitan area can also retain the help of student defense advisor Joseph D. Lento and his team at the Lento Law Firm, including those attending:

  • Alcuin School
  • All Saints Catholic School
  • Bending Oaks High School
  • Bishop Dunne Catholic School
  • The Cambridge School of Dallas
  • Carlisle School
  • Choices Leadership Academy
  • Christ The King Catholic School
  • Coram Deo Academy
  • Cornerstone Crossroads Academy
  • The Covenant School
  • Dallas Christian Academy
  • Dallas International School
  • Fusion Academy Dallas
  • The Episcopal School Of Dallas
  • Good Shepherd Episcopal School
  • The Hockaday School
  • Holy Cross Lutheran School
  • Holy Trinity Catholic School
  • Jesuit College Prep School
  • The Kessler School
  • Lakehill Preparatory School
  • The Lamplighter School
  • Lighthouse Learning Center
  • Mary Immaculate Catholic School
  • Notre Dame School of Dallas
  • Parish Episcopal School
  • Preston Hollow Presbyterian School
  • Providence Christian School
  • Montessori School

Disciplinary Defense in the Dallas Metropolitan Area

Educational programs in the Dallas metropolitan area vary in how they categorize misconduct. Generally, there are three main types described in a school's code of conduct:

  • Academic misconduct
  • Non-academic misconduct
  • Title IX and sexual misconduct

Schools face immense pressure to maintain their public reputations in the prevailing social and cultural climate. Therefore, they are tasked through their bylaws to address alleged misconduct persistently. Any allegation, even being investigated, can damage your future possibilities. Whether it's issues with cheating and computer misuse or failing grades and fraudulent exam submissions, you risk serious repercussions. Nevertheless, you can trust that Lento and his team have the means to defend you in any situation, including those in the following areas.

Academic Progression Issues

As a part of campus life, students are expected to abide by an institution's academic guidelines so the school may retain accreditation with state education boards. Additionally, colleges and universities have obligations from the federal government via funding avenues requiring students to meet satisfactory academic progress (SAP).

For example, Southern Methodist University posts its thresholds for minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA), credit hours attempted, and the maximum timeframe for degree completion, among others. Primary and secondary schools like the Keller Independent School District and others also have mandatory academic standards required to graduate.

Students failing to progress risk probation, suspension, and expulsion adequately. However, administration officials sometimes mismanage policies and neglect a student's extenuating circumstances. Appealing academic sanctions is possible at any school, but students aren't ready to walk into the office of the school's dean, principal, or academic advisor and negotiate terms. Joseph D. Lento can represent you or your child in these matters to defeat academic dismissals or other disciplinary actions.

Academic Misconduct Issues

Academic integrity is the foundation of any school or educational program. The Art Institute of Dallas, the Lake Worth Independent School District, The Lamplighter School, and all other schools in the Dallas metropolitan area have codes of conduct prohibiting dishonest acts unbecoming of student leaders. These include but are not limited to:

  • Cheating
  • Computer Misuse
  • Falsifying assignments
  • Plagiarism
  • Unauthorized collaboration

Academic dishonesty destabilizes the goals of instruction and the role of schools to act as centers of reliability. Institutions justly penalize those who undermine school policy, but disciplinary boards sometimes act harshly on dubious information.

Students found responsible for misconduct are met with a significant setback in their academic careers and reputations. Disciplinary action will linger on a student's record throughout their school years, so act quickly to make sure your record is kept blemish-free by consulting Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm to overcome false and unfair allegations.

Non-Academic Misconduct Issues

Schools must maintain an orderly academic and social environment. While threatening violence, illicit drug use, and trespassing will likely lead to suspension or expulsion, any act that disrupts the learning atmosphere will garner administrative correction.

For example, Texas A&M University has policies prohibiting various items and behaviors in college housing, unethical acts on campus, and even unauthorized parking spaces. Students may also risk misconduct charges if they engage in:

  • Altering dormitory appearance
  • Having pets in dormitories
  • Noise violations during quiet hours
  • Operating a business on college property
  • Removing college furniture from dormitory
  • Smoking or vaping on campus
  • Violating university guest policies

Reprimand can come at any level of education for unwarranted disruptions. Still, administration officials may misjudge students and their alleged behaviors.

Behavioral or other non-academic misconduct charges can ruin a student's chance at success, shutting the door to gaining further education and starting your dream career. Therefore, retain premier student defense advisor Joseph D. Lento when you or your child is faced with unfair and unfounded misconduct charges.

Title IX and Sexual Misconduct

Federal Title IX regulations require schools receiving federal funding to closely regulate and manage sex and gender-based discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct. Every institution, from medical doctor programs to elementary schools, will have a Title IX coordinator overseeing the grievance process and its investigative, hearing, and sanctioning phases.

According to Texas Wesleyan University's Title IX policy, the following are also violations:

  • Coercion
  • Dating violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Retaliation
  • Stalking
  • Solicitation

K-12 schools also commit to Title IX's purview. Although similar to those found at colleges and universities, the process differs slightly. For example, the Plano Independent School District, like all primary and secondary schools, have voluntary live hearings, and parents or guardians of the parties involved are part of the process. Get assistance from Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm to gain confidence in proceeding through the Title IX process.

Student Defense Advisor Value Proposition

Inexperienced lawyers usually begin defending a student by threatening costly lawsuits against the school. Although a formal suit is possible, litigation is rarely necessary for a comprehensive student defense strategy. Moreover, courtroom competency fails to translate into effective mediation tactics with school administration officials for a more positive outcome.

The goal for students and their parents should be prompt, private, negotiated relief from unfair disciplinary action, not arduous legal proceedings. Joseph D. Lento has repeatedly struck deals with representatives from schools' OGC on behalf of their student client, many times outside the confines of formal disciplinary hearings. Even if your school does not permit outside representation present during a hearing, he and the Lento Law Firm can endow you with the knowledge and techniques to defend yourself against severe punishments.

When you retain student defense advisor Joseph D. Lento, you're equipped with the best available school discipline representation. Call 888-535-3686 today or visit the confidential online consultation form.

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