New Jersey City Title IX Violations

New Jersey City University takes a strong stance against instances of sexual misconduct that occur within its student body. These incidents are disciplined through the University's Sexual Assault Policy. The University will adjudicate these incidents with much more severe scrutiny and disciplinary consequences than standard conduct violations.

Sexual Assault Hearings

When a student is reported for an act of sexual misconduct, the University, with the consent of the victim, will launch an investigation and begin the process for bringing disciplinary proceedings against a student. Students who initiate the report will be known as "complainant," while the student facing allegations will be known as the "accused." The accused student may face certain interim measures prior to the hearing, while the allegations are being investigated.

Accusations of sexual misconduct will be resolved through the formal hearing process. Hearings will be heard and decided by the Sexual Assault Hearing Committee, a group of individuals chosen with the help of the Title IX coordinator for handling cases of sexual misconduct. At hearings, a Presiding Officer will lead the board and conduct the direction of the hearing. Regardless of the order of that the hearing that the Presiding Officer decides, both the complainant and the accused will be given sufficient time to make their own respective cases. Both parties may present their own supporting witnesses, evidence, and arguments at hearings. The Presiding Officer may take certain precautions or other specific measures to ensure the safety of the complainant if necessary. After all relevant information has been heard by the Committee, they will retire for a period of deliberation. Decisions will be made using the standard of "more likely