Juniata College Title IX Violations

Juniata College takes a firm stance against instances of sexual misconduct within its student body. The College's policy on sexual misconduct is outlined in the College's Standards of Conduct. The policy outlines what actions constitute sexual misconduct, and what actions the College will take against students who may have violated the policy. These processes are somewhat similar to those used for standard misconduct, however, additional measures will be taken by the College due to the nature of these incidents.

Juniata College Sexual Misconduct Disciplinary Process

When a report of sexual misconduct is filed with a College official, the College will begin its process for addressing and resolving the incident. The Title IX Coordinator will select an individual to serve as the investigator for the case. Investigations will consist of separate meetings with the parties involved to gather information. In the process, the student who files the report will be known as the "reporting individual" while the student facing allegations will be known as the "responding individual." Under certain circumstances, the College may take certain measures to protect either the investigation or the reporting individual if it is believed that the responding individual poses any threat. These measures can include removal from residence, changes in classes, or even a no contact order or temporary suspension. As the investigation continues onward, the College may direct the matter to a Judicial Board Hearing.

Judicial Board Hearings

If a matter is to be directed to a hearing, the Title IX Coordinator will assemble a hearing board com