What rights do I have when facing disciplinary action under Title IX?

If your student is facing disciplinary action under Title IX, although you have limited rights, they are various in scope. Title IX is a federal civil rights law that's intended to prevent and address campus sexual misconduct. The overarching law is federal Title IX law. A student has rights under Title IX law, a student would also have rights per the school or the particular college or university's provisions regarding how that particular school will address the Title IX case.

They have contractual rights, both at a public and private university. At a public university, they have due process rights in their constitution. There's been arguable shift with some courts in the United States, some federal courts, regarding due process at private universities. A student has various rights. The concern is how to best exercise, enforce these and protect these rights because schools are often in a rush to judgment and are not mindful of a student's rights and interests. An experienced attorney-adviser can help a student understand his or her rights and you can best protect those rights.