High School Academic Misconduct Attorney Advisor - Alabama

Every parent thinks the world of their child. You spend all your time dreaming up their future, planning for them to go to college and have a promising career. But what if one day you get a notice that your child's school is accusing them of academic misconduct? It can feel like that dream is quickly slipping away. An academic misconduct advisor can help protect it by working tirelessly to ensure your child's school gives them a fair hearing. You shouldn't have to navigate these tricky waters yourself. The Lento Law Firm can guarantee that your child's school provides them with a fair and due process.

What is Academic Misconduct?

Academic misconduct is any behavior that violates the school's code of conduct. These types of conduct are subject to disciplinary action that can range from being sent to the principal to full expulsion from the school. Either way, the stain on their permanent record lasts forever and can affect their ability to get into the college of their choice.

Most schools in Alabama consider the following to be examples of academic misconduct:

  • Cheating – turning in someone else's work as your own; copying someone else's work.
  • Plagiarism – passing off another's ideas or work as their own.
  • Unauthorized collaboration or receiving unauthorized assistance - working with another student (or other students) on an exam or assignment without express permission or getting help that is not specifically allowed
  • Classroom or school-wide disruption

Academic Misconduct by District

There are several counties in Alabama, and each has slight variations to their code of conduct and disciplinary measures they will take against a student accused of academic misconduct.