Bloomfield College Title IX Violations

Bloomfield College handles all instances of sexual misconduct within is student body with utmost diligence. The College upholds a Policy On Sexual Assault that outlines what conduct is prohibited, and what measures will be taken by the College to enforce disciplinary action against students who are alleged to have committed acts of sexual misconduct. The process utilized for these incidents mirrors what is utilized for incidents of standard misconduct, though certain differences may apply in the investigation and hearings.

Bloomfield College Sexual Misconduct Policy

Whenever a complaint regarding allegations of sexual misconduct is filed with a College official, the process for resolving the incident will begin. The College utilizes an investigative review procedure to resolve incidents of sexual misconduct. Throughout the process, students who file the complaint will be known as the "complainant," while the student who faces the allegations will be known as the "alleged offender." The College will also devote resources to ensure the safety of the complainant, which can include, among other measures, a no-contact order and even the interim suspension of the alleged offender.


Investigations into matters of sexual misconduct will be handled by the Title IX Coordinator. The Coordinator will assign an appropriate investigator, who will gather facts related to the alleged incident. The investigator will meet with each party individually, and any suggested witnesses. Once the facts have been gathered, the investigator will direct the matter to hearing. The alleged offender will be sent a formal notification of sexual misconduct charges, and an appropriate hearing board will be sel