Student Disability Advisor – North Carolina

Often, students with disabilities are segregated from their classmates because of their school's inability and desire to accommodate them. This is especially troubling, considering nearly one out of every five higher education students is disabled. Disability is a protected class in the United States, sitting beside other classes like race, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. As such, both state and federal legislation has been drafted to compel schools to provide disabled students with reasonable accommodations so that they have the same academic and career opportunities as their classmates.

Unfortunately, many schools violate these rights and cite a lack of funding or resources as their excuse. If your school refuses to recognize your disability or has failed to provide you with the accommodations you need to succeed, Attorney Joseph D. Lento can help.

Disabled Student Rights in North Carolina

In North Carolina, disabled students have specific state and federal rights their school must give them if they are requested. When the school is hesitant to do so or flat-out refuses to, the student, and their family can have every right to pursue legal action.

Disability Accommodations in North Carolina

Whether elementary and secondary schools or colleges and universities, North Carolina schools must follow state and federal disability legislation. While some laws provide for disabled student rights, they also stipulate what defines a disability and what disabilities qualify for accommodations.

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