Avoiding Disciplinary Placement in the Vermont High School System

Students in Vermont schools are given years of instruction and guidance to prepare them to begin a career or continue their education in college. Through rigorous assessments and examinations, students can build their foundation as the next generation of doctors, lawyers, engineers, and professors. Dedicated parents are always by their children's sides throughout their journey. No matter where they may step in to assist them, it is to support their goal of graduating with a high school diploma.

While navigating academic requirements and extracurricular obligations, students must also adhere to school guidelines that govern classroom behavior and actions during school-related ventures. To promote an inclusive learning environment, institutions detail numerous prohibited behaviors that will be met with a reprimand. Parents may be under the guise that misconduct is handled straightforwardly, but that's no longer a guarantee.

As many schools shift to zero-tolerance disciplinary policies, violations that used to be handled through stern discussions with teachers, extra assignments, and a phone call home from the school principal are now increasingly grounds for the following exclusionary solutions:

  • Out-of-school suspensions
  • Emergency interventions
  • Expulsions
  • Relocation to an alternative education setting (AES)

Any misconduct handled by separating a student from their traditional studies can severely hinder their pathway toward success. Even though there are processes to reintegrate suspended or expelled students back into the school, there's no promise your child will pick up where they left off. It can leave them disparaged in their efforts to pu