Student Disability Advisor – Michigan

All students have the right to pursue their education uninhibited. This is especially true for disabled students who might find they need supplemental accommodations to achieve their goals. Nearly one out of every five higher education students is disabled, so both state and federal legislation work to provide these students with the reasonable accommodations they need to make their education, and thus their dreams, more accessible.

Despite these regulations being mandatory, many schools neglect to offer their disabled students even the most basic of accommodations. If your school has failed to recognize your qualifying disability or declines to provide you with the accommodations you need to correctly pursue your goals, Attorney Joseph D. Lento can help. Call today.

Disabled Student Rights in Michigan

Disabled students can rely on certain state and federal rights to compel their schools to provide them with reasonable accommodations. If the school fails to follow the guidance of the regulations, the student and their families can pursue the issue.

Disability Accommodations in Michigan

In Michigan, schools are supposed to follow the state and federal disability laws. These laws stipulate which disabilities qualify for accommodations and which accommodations disabled students should reasonably expect their schools to provide.

For instance, under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), a federal regulation, Michigan elementa