American University Title IX Violations

American University handles all violations of Title IX promptly and diligently, especially in cases involving sexual misconduct. The school provides an in-depth Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy on its school website that covers gender-based discriminatory behaviors that will not be tolerated, how to report violations, and how the university will choose to resolve these reports of prohibited behavior.

The Department of Education has taken a special interest in how schools are handling sexual misconduct reports, after they have collectively been accused of sweeping said cases under the rug throughout the years. In an effort to deter this behavior, the department has claimed that schools who do not respond to these reports in its likeness will be at risk of losing some or all of its federal funding. With so much at stake for schools, they will take every case involving sexual misconduct incredibly seriously. This is why it's important that you, as an accused student, understand your school's policies and processes.

American University Sexual Misconduct Policy

Whenever a complaint regarding any form of sexual misconduct - sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape etc. - is filed, the process for resolving this incident will be initiated by the school. These efforts entail an investigation procedure that will be launched to help school a Title IX coordinator obtain clarification about the incident. In the midst of this procedure, students who file a complaint or are the alleged victim in a complaint is known as a “complainant,” while the student who is facing the allegations will be called the “respondent.” All colleges and universities in compliance with Title IX are required to devote resources to both the complainant and the respondent.