Facing Dismissal From the University of California, San Diego

Your college years can be some of the most rewarding of your life. Simultaneously, they can be some of the most difficult. UC San Diego is a demanding school with rigorous courses and strict faculty. If you make it through, you're virtually guaranteed a successful future. Not everyone does make it through, though. Each year dozens of students find themselves dismissed before they make it to graduation.

Generally speaking, there are four reasons why UCSD might try to dismiss you: poor academic performance, academic misconduct, disciplinary misconduct, and sexual misconduct. You'll find out about all four of these below.

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Academic Performance Issues

Perhaps the most obvious reason you can be dismissed from UC San Diego is for failing to meet academic standards. As noted in the school's policy on academic standing, you are required to maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average and to complete at least 36 hours of credit during any three consecutive terms. Failure to meet either of these requirements means probation. If you cannot improve your performance over two semesters of probation, you face dismissal from the university.

There are no obvious procedures in place for defending yourself from this type of dismissal. Typically, whether or not you