Thiel College Title IX Violations

Thiel College takes instances of sexual misconduct within its student body very seriously. The College upholds Title IX Policies and Procedures, which are enforced by the Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Policy outlines what actions are considered acts of sexual misconduct and what actions the College will take when a student violates these policies. These policies are separate and distinct from what the College will use when a student is accused of a standard violation, and as such, are taken much more seriously due to their nature.

Thiel College Sexual Misconduct

The process for resolving sexual misconduct begins when a report involving sexual misconduct violations is filed with the College. The Title IX Coordinator will make the determination if the report is subject to appropriate action under the Title IX policy. Once action under this policy is deemed necessary, the College will begin a Title IX investigation into the matters. Throughout the investigations, students who file the complaint will be known as the "complainant," while the student facing the allegations will be known as the "respondent." Investigations will typically involve separate meetings with both parties, along with any pertinent witnesses suggested by either party. After the investigation has concluded, the Title IX Coordinator will decide how to pursue the allegations, either through an informal process or a formal hearing. If a formal hearing is to be held, the Title IX Coordinator will assemble a hearing board.


Hearings for sexual misconduct will not follow a set procedure and instead, proceed according to the will of the board. At hearings, both partie