University of Texas at Austin - Academic Misconduct

As a student at the University of Texas at Austin, you agreed to uphold the student honor code, which specifies you will “uphold academic integrity.” If you or a loved one is facing an allegation of academic dishonesty, you may have already begun the investigation process. When you've worked to get to college, it's important not to throw away all the effort that's gotten you there in the first place. UT Austin takes academic dishonesty very seriously and, in fact, states on their website: “Engaging in dishonest behavior is simply not worth the risks of jeopardizing your academic career and gambling with your future!”

What Are Potential Consequences For Violations?

At the University of Texas, Austin, there are several potential consequences for academic dishonesty. They can be categorized into three main components. The first is a grade related sanction, such as a loss of a grade for the assignment, or the course you are enrolled in. The second potential consequence category is a status-based sanction. Examples of these would be academic integrity probation, deferred suspension, suspension, and expulsion. Finally, the third category is educational sanctions. Educational sanctions involve activities such as completing a reflective assignment or attending a workshop. It's possible that the imposed penalties may include a combination of these, or an individual one. The penalty will depend on the disciplinary process and outcome (which is detailed below)

What Is Included As Academic Dishonesty at UT Austin?

Chapter 11 of the Institutional Rules on Student Service