Facing Dismissal From the University of Texas at Austin

You made it into the University of Texas at Austin. That's no small feat in and of itself. You've proven you're smart, dedicated, and disciplined. Now all you have to do is graduate, and you can look forward to a successful career. Easy-peasy, right?

You probably already know by this point that nothing about college is easy. No matter how well you did in high school or what score you managed to make on the SATs, this is a whole new ball game. Courses are rigorous; professors are demanding; heck, just trying to find a place to park will make your head spin. There's a lot that can go wrong in four years, and UT Austin isn't always as understanding as it could be when bad things happen. Each year dozens of students find themselves dismissed from the university for everything from low grades to sexual misconduct allegations.

Below, you'll find information on all the various reasons why UT Austin might try to dismiss you. More importantly, though, you'll also find information on how to get help if you're facing dismissal. Don't kid yourself: college can be challenging. You don't have to get through it all on your own, though.

Reasons for Dismissal at UT, Austin

While there are many reasons UT might decide to dismiss you, for the most part, they can be grouped into four categories.

  • Academic Performance: First, you can be dismissed for simply failing to perform academically. You were smart enough to get into UT, but the school expects you to continue to demonstrate those smarts. If your cumulative grade point should fall below 2.0, you'll find yourself on academic probation. If you can't bring it up while on probation, you'll very likely be expelled from the university.
  • Academic Misconduct: UT takes