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Students with disabilities tend to face challenges while pursuing an education. Sometimes they are more demanding academic trials, social pressures, and even applying for disability accommodations. However, students facing these issues shouldn't feel alone. One study shows that nearly 20 percent of students enrolled in colleges and universities across the country have a disability. Whether a student's disability is emotional, mental, or physical, state and federal laws require schools to provide reasonable accommodations for qualifying conditions. This is true at any level of education, including post-graduate programs. Yet, Montana schools sometimes fail in their legal obligations to students with disabilities, putting them at risk of falling behind in their journey toward a diploma or degree. If your K-12 school, institution of higher education, or other academic program refuses to acknowledge your disability or provide reasonable program accommodations, contact national education lawyer Joseph D. Lento. He and the Lento Law Firm's Student Defense Team are prepared to fight for your disability rights or special education support, ensuring your access to an equal education.

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