Indiana Title IX Advisor

A charge of sexual misconduct at a college or university can, when connected to an alleged victim's gender, be a Title IX case. The federal law was passed in 1972, originally to prevent gender discrimination in funding within educational institutions.

In recent years, it's become the basis for civil actions around sexual harassment and discrimination and covers behavior including gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence, and stalking.

What Can Happen if I'm Found Guilty of a Sexual Title IX Violation?

The consequences of a finding of sexual misconduct under Title IX can be nothing short of devastating, resulting in sanctions including suspension and expulsion. They can also be long-lasting, affecting your ability to attend future schools and graduate programs, ultimately impacting your future career.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney/Advisor When I Am Charged?

While policies vary from school to school, many Indiana academic institutions do not allow respondents to avail themselves of counsel during a Title IX investigation, hiring an experienced attorney before the start of an investigation can improve your chances.

While your attorney/advisor cannot cross-examine witnesses in Indiana, they can leverage litigation skills that will help you marshal the facts to build your defense, prepare you for testimony, and coach you on the specifics of how the investigative process works at your college or university.

Finally, because your attorney/advisor is not employed in any way by the academic institution, they bring an objective, clear-eyed perspective to the matter to serve only your interests.

How Exactly Does the Title IX Investigative Process Work in Indiana?

A complaint will consist of the following: the name of the respondent, the date(s) of the alleged incident(s), th