California Title IX Advisor

Few accusations carry the weight of a sexual misconduct accusation. In today's political climate, a school that fails to respond to an allegation swiftly enough or fails to punish a student harshly enough can quickly find itself on the evening news. That means if you or someone you love should find yourself charged with a Title IX offense, it's important you take the charges seriously.

Luckily Title IX allows you to choose an advisor, someone to help you through the investigation and hearing processes. That advisor can be—and should be—an attorney.

The moment you know you're facing an accusation, then your very first call should be to a qualified, experienced Title IX attorney. Title IX can be a confusing law. Only a Title IX attorney has the background and knowledge to help you navigate its many complexities.

How Does Title IX Work?

Title IX is a federal law passed in 1972 that was meant to eliminate sexual discrimination in US educational programs. It remains the primary means by which most high schools and universities deal with sexual misconduct allegations.

The law can be tricky, not least because it is subject to frequent change. In 2020, for instance, the Trump administration completely overhauled the enforcement guidelines. As soon as he took office in early 2021, Biden promised to repeal most of those guidelines. Already, in