What are the potential punishments from university disciplinary hearings?

The potential punishments for a university disciplinary hearing vary. Schools would often per their policies notify a student as to what the potential range of sanctions can be, and if a student's found responsible, depending on the nature of the case, it can range from say, a warning up to an including expulsion and everything in between, probation, suspension, deferred suspension, educational counseling.

Certain kinds of schools unfortunately often do not let an accused student know just what's at stake in these kinds of proceedings though. Certain kinds of alleged offenses or alleged behavior will generally result in certain kinds of sanctions, non-consensual sex, for example, rape would almost always result in expulsion. Digital penetration of any kind or any kind of penetration, even if it's not sex say, will result in a suspension at an absolute minimum.

Schools generally don't issue warnings or probation. People unfortunately go into these processes thinking that, oh, let me just explain what happened and I'll walk away with a warning or probation. All too many instances, schools try to impose suspensions, expulsions. That's why it's critical to have an experienced attorney advisor helping through the process.