What is stalking in a college sexual misconduct case?

What constitutes stalking in a college sexual misconduct case will be determined by the specific college or university in question. Each school is going to have its unique variation as to what would constitute stalking.

Stalking at many schools would be behavior or activities that are unwelcome in nature that take place, say, more than on one occasion directed towards another party. Again, it's going to be specifically determined at the given school in question.

Whether stalking is going to be addressed and adjudicated under your school's sexual misconduct policy or under Title IX, as it is one of the specific provisions under the Title IX Final Rule which went into effect August, 14th, 2020, that's a separate consideration yet, but either way, it's in terms of the actual definition that would be determined by the school in question.

Stalking is a serious offense, it can result in serious consequences. You should have an experienced attorney advisor in your corner from the start of the process to help protect protect your interest and to help navigate the process.