Hire a High School Conduct Defense Attorney Rather than a Local Criminal Attorney

Your Student Needs Qualified Attorney Representation

High schools use student codes of conduct to regulate student behavior. High schools also charge students with a violation of those student codes of conduct. Parents generally appreciate a high school's need to keep school order using school rules. But seeing your own high school student face the school's charge that your student violated its code of student conduct is a humbling, even frightening, experience. You know that your student needs to get through high school in the best possible shape and with the best possible record to have the best chance to succeed in life. High school is a formative time. A major crisis, poorly handled, can set a high school student off course so that they may take years, even a lifetime, to get fully back on track. If your high school student faces school charges of a student conduct code violation, then you know that your student needs help. You may already have thought of quickly hiring a local criminal attorney, someone whom you know or whom friends or co-workers recommended.

If you've already thought of hiring a local attorney, then your instincts that your student needs skilled attorney help are correct. Your student should not proceed without attorney defense and representation. But your impulse to hire a local criminal attorney is very likely wrong. Just because that may be the only local help doesn't mean it's the right help. You wouldn't hire a dentist to fix a broken arm. You wouldn't hire a plumber to fix your electricity. So, don't hire a local criminal attorney to play the role of a school conduct defense attorney. High school code of conduct proceedings are unique, academic, administrative, disciplinary proceedings. They are not criminal court proceedings. Instead, retain nati