Should I communicate with college administrators if I was accused of campus sexual assault under my college's sexual misconduct policy?

Initially, no. There would come a time in almost all cases involving college sexual misconduct where if a student is looking to remain a student or to say protect his or her good name, reputation, that they would have to engage in the process, although it's not mandated to remain at the school, that's a consideration that would be involved. Initially when the school first contacts you, they may make it seem like it's just a friendly conversation, just tell us your side of the story and everything will be all right. It is not that simple by any means.

You can't look at the school as looking out for your interest or doing the right thing. Like explained, there would be a time in a given case where you do need to engage with the school to provide your defense or to respond to the allegations but only until you take the proper precautions should that step be taken. You need to let your parents know as soon as possible. You should have an experienced attorney advisor in your corner from as early as possible in the process to help you make these decisions moving forward.